Product Description

AQX-HRU FROM 140 TO 28000 L/S
The AQX-HRU air-handling units feature:

The CLIMA CONTROL AQX Air Handling Unit is designed and manufactured to meet the precise environmental demands of high technology processes used in advanced commercial and industrial applications.

It is suitable for new projects and renovations, units are designed to be employed in commercial, civil, and business applications such as hotels, congress centres, theatres and hospitals. Moreover, CLIMA CONTROL AQX units are also suitable for critical uses such as hospitals, the high-tech industry, clean rooms, pharmaceutical or food industry where the requirements for cleaning and hygiene are mandatory.

The AQX Air Handling Unit has been designed to be flexible and modular with different configurations available to suit a wide range of applications. It has been developed using the most up-to-date components which offer maximum reliability at an affordable cost.

On request:

The AQX-HRU units can be equipped with a vast array of filtering solutions starting from simple g2 undulated synthetic filter cells, along with a wide range of rigid pocket cells, absolute filters, automatic filters, electrostatic and active carbon filters with high and extremely high efficiency levels.

Custom selection:

In compliance with the laws in force and in response to the continuous demand for energy saving, the Clima Control AQX air handling units can be equipped with static, rotary, run-around heat recovery systems.

You can get heat exchanger coils using water or direct expansion, steam diathermic oil electricity with 4 types of pitch versions, fins and several pipe and fin thicknesses.

You can also get water gravity humidifying systems with pack or pump water compressed air steam and air washer versions. Aluminium or stainless-steel condensate collection trays inside the panelling insulated tilted toward the drain DIDW quality fans forward impeller reversed or wing profile plug type fans noise reduction sections


With the AQX-HRU series, we offer a dedicated unit for use in hospitals, food and electronic industries, clean rooms, etc. The AQX-HRU series is available with a wide range of options and can be adapted to the requirements of your application.




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