Product Description

240 l/s to 3800 l/s

The SAHU Clima Control allows configurations suitable for any type of application. Everything through simple changes already made available and selectable.

  • The completeness of the versions available and the flexibility of the SAHU range includes 8 sizes for horizontal and vertical installation, with air flow rates from 600 to 16.950 m3 /h, with external static pressure up to 700 Pa in base of components and sizes of unit.
  • This allows us to satisfy all the plant requirements, respecting the optimal design conditions in all situations that the market requires.
  • SAHU units have a self-supporting panels (without frame) through a special fittings which makes the panels all removable.
  • Are available with 4 or 6 rows water coil or with 4 rows expansion coil, with left or right water/gas connections and with a very large range of accessories.
  • SAHU units are supplied without electric control and without components for regulation.
  • The new release of the CTAPRO selection software permits the selection and quoting also for SAHU range

Available Configurations:

Basic (preconfigured or with free configuration to design).
Compact (preconfigured or with free configuration to design) complete with:

motor-driven damper actuators

three-way valve unit with heat exchanger coil actuator

sensors for measuring temperature – humidity – pressure

switchboard with electronic control for all selected functions and for power, safety and warning control (remote version also possible), interfaceable with supervisor systems, all fully wired and tested in the factory.


Weather-resistant roof and technical space for protecting the controls

Downdraught cowl on fresh air intake and exhaust air discharge

Drive casing

Lights and inspection window


Inverter on fan motors




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