Product Description

Small and Medium applications

ELFOEnergy Medium & Large – WSAT-XEEE (25 – 220 kW)
Liquid chillers and heat pumps of the ELFOEnergy Medium range, ideal for the small-scale commercial sector, are specifcally designed for outdoor installation. High energy e¬ficiency, especially during operation at partial loads by use of two compressors of diferent capacity operating on a single cooling circuit. Ideal for systems with radiant panels or hydronic terminal units. Hydronic assembly supplied as standard, available with pumps with non-standard available head and/or with double pump. Storage tank not normally necessary, but available for applications where the quantity of water in the system is below limits.

Thanks to its special construction, the ELFOENERGY ensures high energy efficiency, in particular during operation at partial loads;

Self Adapting

The evolved electronics implemented adapt the operating parameters of the chiller to the load conditions of the system it is installed in, optimising consumption, effi­ciency and the working life of the components

Ease of Installation

Each unit is supplied as standard with a complete hydronic assembly and is completely tested in the factory, installation is consequently quick and easy.




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